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2019 Sports Medicine Conference

Join us for the 25thsports medicine conferences California, March 4-8, 2019


The conference is held at the Park City,California,which is designed for benefiting the doctors, physicians, and surgeons. It is a place suitable for the world's best doctors to enhance their future. Alsosports medicine conference allows for beneficial sessions along with your family members and colleagues. This year’s conference will be organized at the Grand Summit Hotel Canyons Resort, Park City, California’s Largest Ski Resort.


The 25th Annual Sports Medicine Conference is an innovative five day medical education conference especiallyfor medical professionals, surgeons, doctors who care for active as well as inactive athletes, – at the professional and part-time level – and/or who take part in athletic activities. If you're trying to make your career better and you are willing to learn about sports medicine, Physical exercise

and various issues, treatments related to health care join us now itself by registering in our website.The sports medicine conference teaches you all medical advancements about athletic and health care. • In sports medicine conference you can achieve severalbenefits for enhancing your medicine and medical knowledge. It offers youbeneficial news regarding the latest sports and health care. • Also, health experts can learn about clinical information and also people can get CME certificate. • Along with entertainment the session will be helpful. Really participants can enjoy the beauty of hotel and you can get learning benefit from the sports medicine conference held at Park City, California.

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The conference is heldin order to benefit the Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, General surgeons, PM&R, Emergency Medicine, Orthopedics specialists as well as sports Trainers, Nurse Practitioners, Physical Therapists, Physicians Assistants, Exercise Scientists and other Health Care professionals. Health care experts who want to gain Continuing Medical Education certificate from the leading experts in the field of sports medicine can attend this conference. This conference really benefits these professionals in an extraordinary way. Not only health care professionals but also experts those who are trying to become athletic and health care physicians can also make use of this conference.


The sports medicine conference is permitted for 14 hours of AAFP CME CREDIT and focused on innovative science in the field of athletic, exercise, as well as common sportsrelated injuries, medicines and infirmity. Moreoverthis conference is focused on providing treatments and medicines for solving physical issues.