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2019 Ironman sports medicine conference

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Join us for the 25th CME medicine conferences – We invite you to attend this conference and gain its most benefits. The Ironman sports medicine conference will be suitable for all health care professionals who are interested in Sports medicine and common health issues related to sports injuries at all levels. The Iron Man Conference takes place on October 2-6, 2019 at the Majestic Kona Resort,

First Class Faculty

The Ironman sports medicine conference faculties provide a first class training and the most esteemed physicians who are experts in medical, surgical, general medicine and rehabilitative in athletic as well as exercise medicines.

Join the Continuing Medical Education Conference Now!

A voluntary mini-internship is provided to the conference attendees to receive 5 hours of CME credit by partaking in the Ironman sports education on race day joining to the race participants. Ironman sports Medicine Conference is a subspecialty of sports and orthopedic sector. The Athletic and sports medicine conference are held on the investigation, upkeep, and restoration of heath by various medical and surgical, and facilities.

Kailua-Kona, California. The Ironman sports conference takes place on Saturday October 11. Various topnotch trainers from all over the world organize this conference so the audience can get plenty of benefits regarding high quality sports medicine, sports education, physical fitness and health gaining techniques.

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What The Attendees Can Learn?

In Ironman conference the attendees can study all about the athletically related body defects formed during athletic activity. Injuries related to the bones, skeletal system and injuries that happen while playing athletic activities or exercising. You can gain ample details and ideas about the most common athletic injuries connected with muscle sprains, Foot, Hip joints Ankle and Knee. Moreover participants can gain plentiful knowledge about Physical Rehabilitation, physiotherapy, health care therapies and physical education training.

Participate and gain benefits from the Ironman Sports Medicine Conference

Each year we are conducting the Ironman sports medicine conference in order to benefits the medical experts and athletics. This is a brilliant opportunity to gain a better knowledge of sports medicine.

Race slot winning for the upcoming Ironman World Championship!

Each year we draw a race slot to the following year’s race. This is a unique opportunity to get the entry in the 2020 Ironman World Championship.

Run/ Triathlon Workshops

Each year we present different workshops and health center workshops so that participants can get out a workout each and every day. Hurry up to register on our website.